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Happy Memories Restaurant

From 2006 our restaurant became part of the Union of Happy Memories Restaurants. The flavours are those of the foods prepared in the 110 kitchens of the associated restaurants, from Valle d'Aosta to Sicily, and Friuli Venezia Giulia to Sardinia. From 1964 until today these restaurants have helped to define a map of eating and drinking in Italy thus creating the Happy Memories hospitality model.

A touristic-cultural-gastronomic journey with stages which celebrate the updated traditional customs and represent the variety of features of each local culinary culture whilst presenting a shared history of conviviality and hospitality. In Val di Fassa we express this through Orzotto mantecato con la trota e la rucola.

To remember this occasion customers are given a souvenir: a hand painted plate with the bright and joyous colours of Vietri ceramics which each restaurant will give to people who consume the culinary speciality dedicated to the Happy Memory. The colours and signs with which the Vietri ceramic plates are painted symbolically "tell the tale" of the specialities of each Happy Memory Restaurant.
Colours and designs are the expression and symbol of a tradition of craftsmanship with a history which began officially in the 15th century and continues to this day with the same skill.