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Volto dal Vin

The Trentino wine cellars at a glance

The Volto dal Vin, the wine cellar of the Foresta and Restaurant, is unique in its genre and contains all the viticultural companies of Trentino - over 500 labels that are produced in the provincial territory are arranged in different areas in accordance with their valley of origin and the type of wine. From the big names of Trentino viticulture to the small family run businesses, including prize winning wines such as, for example, those awarded Gambero Rosso’s three glasses, the five bunches of grapes of the Sommelier Association, or the Top Wines of the Chamber of Commerce of Trento.

But the uniqueness of the Volto dal Vin goes further... There is a corner dedicated to oils produced in the high Garda area of Trento and a grappa corner - Trentino Grappa - from the most common varieties to the rarest reserves.

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