Hotel Restaurant Foresta | History

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The Hotel Foresta, as the name suggests, lays in a forest of fir trees, half way between
Moena and the hamlet of Forno.

The first structure of the hotel dates back to the 19th century when it was the only tavern and evening meeting point for the inhabitants of Forno and the surrounding area.

The tavern was subsequently transformed into an inn which was called “Il Bisola”, that was also a post office and a stopping point for people travelling by wagon and carriage. It was a place to stay and get refreshments for themselves and their horses. Between 1920 and 1940, the inn was managed by the “Batol” family who maintained the original characteristics. Even in this period “Bisola” was a stopping point for carriages and carts.

Legend has it that horses would stop automatically at the station and would leave hours later bringing their carters home safely even when they had drunken a bit too much.
Mrs Teresa Piazzi was born into a peasant family in Medil in 1933 and at the age of fourteen began to work seasonally in various hotels in val di Fassa and val Gardena.

In these years she acquired a great deal of experience in the hotel sector which was to prove highly beneficial to her later profession.

In 1962 Mrs Piazzi married Ugo Schacher, a butcher from the val Pusteria, and they had two children, Walter, born in 1963, and Riccardo, in 1967.

A year later the old “Il Bisola” inn was put up for sale and the Schacher family acquired it.

They started off by opening the restaurant annually; year after year they made some improvements to the old structure, until it was renamed “Foresta” in 1969. The hard work of those years was paid off by the growing number of customers and eventually Ugo was able to leave his job as a butcher to help his wife.

In 1974 the hotel was completely rebuilt, and this resulted in twenty rooms with all mod cons, a living room and room for meetings, a bar, a restaurant with annual opening and finally a large parking area. After completing their studies at the school for hoteliers Walter and Riccardo began working with their parents. The older son still manages the restaurant while the younger works as a cook.

In the future the family plans to extend and modernise the “Foresta” to make the stay of their guests even more pleasant in this family-run establishment that is run with great passion and commitment.